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World War Z is coming.

Posted by LiveFor on June 27, 2008

World War Z is a great book by Max Brooks (son of Mel). It deals with a bloke travelling around the World to interview survivors of the zombie uprising. They include soldiers, politicians, families, astronauts and blind samurai. It’s an excellent book and has been optioned by Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B Entertainment. J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Rising Stars, Spider-Man, The Twelve) has been busy adapting it and I’ve just read this quote on an interview he did with Comic Book Resources.

The adaptation of “World War Z” is in and done. Everyone is very happy with it, and now they are figuring out the best marketing campaign for it, since it is a political/thriller/zombie movie, which is not something you tend to see a lot of. That is for Brad Pitt’s company.

I can’t wait for this movie. I just want to see the scene described by the astronaut stuck on the International Space Station as he watched the huge zombie herds move across America, or see the submarine move through the masses of zombies walking across the ocean floor. So many good sequences in the book that will look amazing on the big screen…as long as it is done right. I have high hopes.

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