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Dr Who – A theory as to how it may end.

Posted by LiveFor on June 30, 2008

I know this is a site for all things relating to the world of film. However, at a stretch (and as it is my site) I really must mention the recent episode of Dr Who, The Stolen Earth. Beware, spoilers ahoy.

For those of you who saw it you will know that it was a glorious mess. Torchwood, Sarah Jane, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler all made an appearance and it resulted in a blinder of a cliff hanger. If it goes the obvious way then the BBC and David Tennant have managed to keep this under their hats so well. Basically, the Doctor gets shot by a Dalek and the episode ends with him beginning to regenerate. However, as it is a Russell T Davies episode and he likes his reset buttons (maybe the Osterhagen Key mentioned in this episode) we shall have to wait and see.

The point of this post is to give my idea as to what is going to happen. Firstly, I’ll just list a few things from within the series. This episode made a point of reminding us that the Doctor’s hand (which had been cut off in The Christmas Invasion) was still on board the TARDIS. There have also been mentions throughout the series that Donna is more important than we realise. Dalek Caan mentioned the Threefold Man and the fact there will be everlasting death for the most faithful companion (out of the current crop of companions I’m going to say Donna is the most faithful as she has never left, or it could be K-9). Donna zoned out at one point during the last episode and we heard the slow beat of a drum or footsteps getting closer, she was also wearing a large ring. This all ties in with the previous appearance of the Master.

Outside the series there have been rumours that John Simm would be returning as the Doctor and apparently Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy were on Dr Who Confidential.

Okay all that’s done. My theory is that the Master is coming back and is either Donna or is using her as a host. As the Doctor regenerates the Master will absorb this energy and return condemning Donna to an everlasting death. This would mean the Doctor is effectively dead. However, his hand may be effected by the regeneration and basically regenerate the Tenth Doctor (this could also side step the fact Time Lord’s can only regenerate a limited number of times, basically resetting the clock) who will step in and save the day. However, the regeneration may be effected by the Master and bring back various aspects of the Doctor (the Threefold Man) meaning we could see the a few familiar faces as mentioned about.

Just a theory and we’ve got to wait a few more days to see. What do you think?

One Response to “Dr Who – A theory as to how it may end.”

  1. Anonymous said

    according to the gardian blog about this, the doctors spare hand can be seen in a jar, means that a clone of the doctor and a new doctor will be around?

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