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Nemesis The Warlock to be a Movie…maybe?

Posted by LiveFor on July 8, 2008

That’s right, the Arch Deviant, Nemesis the Warlock, from 2000AD is rumoured to be in the works to be movified by the people from Tasdo Productions. Apparantly screenwriter, P. Ben Edwards (Still Life), has said they’re in the process of nailing down the script but their is still a long way to go. “I’d love to get Christopher Walken as Torquemada”, but casting has yet to be done.
This is great news (although does sound a bit vague and, as they say, a long long way away).

I’ve always been a big fan of 2000AD characters and something like Nemesis with the mix of sci-fi and fantasy would be absolutely fantastic. Just seeing the Blitzspear flying through the tubes of Termight would be amazing. Basically Nemesis is an alien who fights to protect other aliens from Torquemada’s genocidal tyranny.

I’ve no idea who I would cast in this. Any ideas? Who’d be the perfect Nemesis, Torquemada, Purity Brown and the mighty ABC Warriors?

One Response to “Nemesis The Warlock to be a Movie…maybe?”

  1. AndyD said

    This would be AMAZING!!!!! …Angelina Jolie as Purity Brown. Please.

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