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Posted by LiveFor on September 12, 2008

Cheers to Pop Candy for pointing out some of these.

Michael Douglas as Liberace in Steven Soderburgh movie.

Where the Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak is interviewed in this piece.

This is what happens when you start “Breaking Down the Presidential Campaign Using John Hughes Movies.”

Evil Dead: The Musical in 3-D

Warner Bros. plans to rerelease The Dark Knight in January on a big IMAX push.

A list of classic cult movies that paved the way for new cult movies.

Time interviews Chuck Norris.

The author of Fletch has died.

Kevin Smith wants to make a superhero movie starring Seth Rogen.

The whole thing about Philip Seymour Hoffman appearing in the next Batman movie is just a rumor.

William Shatner doesn’t appear in the new Star Trek movie, J.J. Abrams says.

Actor Alan Cumming is trying to become a U.S. citizen so he can vote in the presidential election.

Viral Website for Eagle Eye hits.


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