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Push – Trailer

Posted by LiveFor on October 18, 2008

There are special people in this world that have been born with psychic powers. In 1945, government agencies set up for psychic warfare, trying to turn those people with abilities into soldiers. After the war, governments began to set up divisions with agents trained to hunt them down like animals, test and categorize them. There are a bunch of different types of psychic abilities: A watcher can see the future, A mover is telekinetic, Sniffers who can see the history of an object, Shifts can temporarily change the shape of things, Wipers can wipe your memory, and pushers can put thoughts in other people’s heads. The divisions are trying to develop a drug which would allow normal people to develop psychic abilities, but apparently every test so far has been fatal. Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning), a watcher, teams with a young man named Nick Grant (Chris Evans), to take on a clandestine agency in a race against time the will determine the future of civilization.

Push is directed by Paul McGuigan, of Wicker Park and Lucky Number Slevin previously, with an original script written by David Bourla, of Nostradamus and Larceny previously.


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