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News on Romero’s …of the Dead film. Cowboys v Zombies anyone?

Posted by LiveFor on November 6, 2008

Quiet Earth found the flyers for George A Romero’s new zombie film. Looks like it is simply being called …of the Dead for the moment which may or may not be quite cool.

Fangoria is reporting that this is going to be a “western” zombie flick, and apparently Romero is taking cues from The Big Country where Stetson-wearing cowboys and grizzled farmhands shoot Winchester rifles—aiming, of course, for the head. Also, reportedly only one character from Diary has been tied into this new story. This would be Alan Van Sprang, who reprises his brief role as Nicholas “Nicotine” Crocket, a renegade member of the National Guard, but in this new film he plays a reluctant quas-hero who smokes alot and rallies the people to stop the zombies.

“Romero is fashioning a kind of mini-epic of modern-day zombie mayhem, liberally ladled with large doses of gritty Wild West style and attitude. Set in an island off the east coast of North America, Romero’s script details the conflicts between two warring rural families (à la the Hatfields and the McCoys), engaged in an escalating battle, with the ever-multiplying hordes of flesheaters akin to the kids caught in the middle. “The juxtaposition of the cowboys and the zombies is interesting,” executive producer and longtime Romero collaborator Peter Grunwald tells Fango. “This is a Western set in this made-up George Romero world.”

What do you think about the sound of that?


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