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Chocolate – Taste the Fury

Posted by LiveFor on December 31, 2008

Here is the poster and trailer for Chocolate, which stars newcomer Nicharee “Jeeja” Vismistananda. The film is co-written and directed by Prachya Pinkaew (Tony Jaa’s Ong Bak and The Protector).

Jeeja plays an autistic girl who learns how to fight both by absorbing her martial arts skills from what she sees on TV and from the Muay thai boxing school next to her home. When she finds a list of debtors in her sick mother’s diary, she decides to go collecting. Her quest leads her to confrontations with criminal gangs and also her father, a member of the Japanese mafia.

The character sounds a bit like the deaf character Echo created by David Mack and Joe Quesada.

Wikipedia describes her as Maya Lopez is an Olympic-level athlete possessing “photographic reflexes” or the uncanny ability to perfectly copy other people’s movements, similar to that of the Taskmaster. Just by watching other people, she has become a concert-level pianist, a strong martial artist, a highly skilled acrobat, and a gifted ballerina (and on one occasion even piloted a Quinjet for a few minutes). In addition, she has also gained Bullseye’s uncanny aim and Daredevil’s acrobatic abilities after watching tapes of their fights.

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One Response to “Chocolate – Taste the Fury”

  1. Steve said

    LOL. Awesome poster!

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