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Rumour – Clooney to play Dr Strange and directed by Ridley Scott

Posted by LiveFor on January 6, 2009

Pure supposition on the part of /film but it would be so good if it was true.

George Clooney was spotted in Hollywood having a business meeting with director Ridley Scott, and Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel.

Nothing is known about what happened in the meeting or what was discussed. It may have been all purely sociable but if there is any chance of Clooney and Scott being involved in a Marvel Studios film then that would be cool for all of us.

As /film say Clooney could play Dr Strange (I posted news on a Dr Strange film a while back and it was rumoured that Christian Bale would be playing the Master of the Mystic Arts) and Scott could direct it or another film – so far the only ones missing a director are The Avengers and Dr Strange.

Once again this is the very bare bones of a rumour.

However, what Marvel character would you like to see George Clooney play and what Marvel film should Ridley Scott direct.

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