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Sin City 2 News – The script is finished and filming to begin this year…maybe

Posted by LiveFor on January 13, 2009

MTV have more news on the fate of Sin City 2

Jamie King appears to have confirmed last year’s reports that Frank Miller has turned in his script for “Sin City 2” and the film may even begin shooting in 2009. The “Fanboys” and “The Spirit” actress hopes for a start date soon and said that she doesn’t have any nude scenes in Miller and Robert Rodriguez’s sequel, according to George “El Guapo” Rousch at Latino Review..

The report stokes a prolonged trickle of “Sin City 2” rumors from the past year, as good a sign as any that Miller’s classic Dark Horse Comics series is inching closer to becoming a reality behind the scenes.

King played the role of Marv’s murdered gal pal Goldie, as well as her twin sister Wendy, in the first “Sin City” film and is slated to return for the new follow-up. The Golden Globe winning star of the “The Wrestler,” Mickey Rourke, may or may not return as Marv when filming begins. Miller says Marv has a big role to play in the film and wants Rourke back if he’s willing.

There are many possible reasons for the film’s delay, not the least of which is Rourke’s reluctance. The star has experienced rejuvenated stardom since the first “Sin City” hit it big. Now, with a Golden Globe under his belt and a potential Oscar on the horizon, it’s entirely possible he wants more for his labor.

Meanwhile, Robert Rodriguez’s controversial break from the Directors Guild to give Miller directing credit in their first outing together proved to be a hurdle before. If they’re looking to return to “Sin City 2” in that unsanctioned dual-directing capacity, there is likely to be red tape to cut once again.

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2 Responses to “Sin City 2 News – The script is finished and filming to begin this year…maybe”

  1. Mr. Shhh said

    It’s about money, if they want to ensure the presence of Mickey, they should make him an offer he can’t refuse. He was the best in Sin City, and he would be the best in Sin City 2 even though his screentime is less.

  2. Live for films said

    Very true Mr Shhh. It always comes down to money

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