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Enter Sandman – Bryan Singer talks Logan’s Run

Posted by LiveFor on February 2, 2009

Filmstalker have the news that Bryan Singer has just been speaking about his proposed Logan’s Run remake in the L.A. Times Blog.

“At the moment, I haven’t decided. I really don’t know…I’m taking a
genuine break. The last four years have been really busy with the miniseries,
the TV and the movies. I’m taking a few months to collect myself and figure out
what I’m going to do in that regard. We did a lot of development on that movie
and a lot of work. To start it up again, I wouldn’t start it up again without a
full commitment. So I have decisions to make. Right now, that’s just hanging

The original Logan’s Run told the story of an enclosed colony of people whose society only allows them to live until thirty before they are exterminated in an elaborate ceremony called the Carousel. This process is to stop the drain on resources that older people cause in society. Some people chose to run before this can happen, and those that chase them and exterminate the are called Sandmen. One Sandman is given the secret task of finding where these runners are going to, and where the few who have escaped are hiding. So he goes on the run and his fellow Sandmen begin the hunt.
It starred Michael York, Peter Ustinov and Jenny Agutter back in her taking her clothes off in every film she starred in phase.

It was also made into a TV show that I though was good when I was a kid. However, when it was repeated recently I watched it and wished I had a time machine so I could go back in time and tell myselfI was an idiot for watching it. Stupid idiot child version of myself.

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