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Avatar – First proper look at the Alien Na’vi in Cameron’s sci-fi epic

Posted by LiveFor on February 3, 2009

Yep, apparantly this is what the alien Na’vi in James Cameron’s Avatar are going to look like. Marketsaw got the scoop and AICN have confirmed it.

Comparing it to the concept art I posted ages ago it does seem like the real deal.

Marketsaw’s also say that this image of a military man holding an exotic AVATAR weapon is authentic.

Their source had this to say about the Na’vi

…their faces are very very reminiscent of Jen the Gefling in the Dark Crystal…(but with a
hare lip). They are beautiful, not sexy, just graceful. The problems the boss is facing with the CG is getting the ‘graceful’ right. Oh, and the whole ‘Uncanny Valley’ thing…. the view back across it looks amazing from where I am standing.

They also had this to say about previous photos:

“I can confirm that this photo does have multiple props from varying sets.” He goes further to describe what the bed actually is: “On closer inspection it looks like it is from the Bio Lab, not overly sure of its purpose (…he did not work in this area). As will become apparent when you see the finished product, there are many many many different types of ‘beds’. Birthing bed / hospital gurney / incinerator gurney / medivac chamber / sleep chamber / transport chamber… He also says that “the gurney for space travel is normally upright, wall mounted, to save valuable ($1,000,000 per Kg) space on those long space voyages.

How does this look at the Na’vi make you feel about Avatar?

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One Response to “Avatar – First proper look at the Alien Na’vi in Cameron’s sci-fi epic”

  1. Anonymous said

    Personally, I like it!

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