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Hawk the Hunter – Sequel to Hawk the Slayer I kid you not!

Posted by LiveFor on February 4, 2009

Who would have thunk it. A sequel to the decidely beautifully dreadful yet cool Hawk the Slayer from 1980.

You remember the one. Had the bloke from the Carry On films (Bernard Bresslaw) as a giant (achieved by having the camera looking up at him from the ground), the Elf (Ray Charleson) who was very fast (achieved by repeating the same shot of him firing an arrow in quick succession).

It starred John Terry (Jack’s Dad from Lost) as Hawk (he was the hero don’t you know) and the scene munching genius of Jack Palance as Hawk’s villainous brother, Voltan (Dun-dun-Dahhh – that was suspenseful music) It also had the cool Mind-sword with the fist at the end of the hilt. That’s it. You remember now.

It was directed by Terry Marcel and now he is bringing Hawk back with Jinga Films in the deliciously titled, Hawk the Hunter. This time Hawk will be played by Tom Hardy (Layer Cake, Star Trek: Nemesis, RocknRolla, Bronson). No word on who will be the big bad Voltan.

Always good to hear about a fantasy movie being made. As long as they keep the charm of the original but tone down the cheese it should be a great film. Got to be better than Krull anyway! Does anyone want to make me a Krull Sucks T-Shirt?

Below is the trailer for the original Hawk the Slayer.

6 Responses to “Hawk the Hunter – Sequel to Hawk the Slayer I kid you not!”

  1. The Russian said

    You didn’t like Krull!? It had everything – sword-play, magic, comedy and non-mushy love (played down so the kids didn’t all go ‘Eugh! Gross!’). Highlights incude the old man’s sacrifice when he confronts his old spidey-love, the rather attractive Lysette Anthony and, of course, the fantastic five-bladed sword/shurikan thingy… makes me cry every time the hero Colwyn desperately tries to recall the weapon but to no effect as it’s stuck in The Beast. Cracking stuff!

  2. The Russian said

    …Hawk the Slayer was utter gash though! ;0)

  3. Chisholm said

    Krull us the mother funking bomb!

  4. Live for films said

    Ah Chisholm. Been a while

  5. Anonymous said

    The announcement of the Hawk sequel is the best thing since sliced bread. One time I don’t mind Hollywood digging into its vaults to come up with a sequel. There is the danger it could be too good and that it ruins our memories of the cheesy original.

  6. Anonymous said

    sequel to hawk the slayer?? about 20 years too late!
    why do a sequel to a crap movie that flopped in the 80’s?

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