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Sorry, Thanks – Trailer

Posted by LiveFor on February 11, 2009

Reeling from a brutal break-up, Kira (Kenya Miles) sleeps with Max (Wiley Wiggins), a charming but disheveled wreck already committed to long-term girlfriend Sara. Max (no emotional sophisticate) becomes obsessed, mostly with Kira, but vaguely with his curious lack of conscience as well. Kira, fighting to win a job she hates and running aimless romantic loops, faces the precarious double challenge of choosing a next step and charting a course back to sanity. Good luck leading with your heart, when your heart is an utter emotional idiot.

A new brand of indie ensemble comedy, Sorry, Thanks charts the play-by-play of how small simple acts can reap harrowing personal consequences. And also funny ones: adopting a shelter cat in search of moral insight, killing yourself to advance in a career you don’t really want, flying blindly, trying to do better. And failing to do better. The film charts inner turmoil, self-delusion, and deep fallibility (in a laughy kind of way).

Sorry, Thanks was shot entirely on location in San Francisco’s vivid Mission District in the fall of 2007. The film is built on idiosyncratic performances from 30 mostly non-professional actors (and 2 cats, plus an alternate), cast locally in San Francisco (with the exception of Wiley Wiggins and Andrew Bujalski, who play best buddies in a tug-of-war friendship on the frontlines of Max’s emotional shortcomings). Sorry, Thanks marks the directorial debut of filmmaker Dia Sokol.

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