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Superman Reloaded – Wachowski’s may direct reboot. Oh and some Ninja Assassin and Plastic Man news.

Posted by LiveFor on February 12, 2009

AICN heard from a reliable source that James McTeigue (director of Ninja Assassin) had been on the radio in Berlin where Ninja Assassin had been filmed. He chatted about how the shoot had gone. McTeigue then chatted about his plans regarding Plastic Man and that the Wachowski Brothers had been approached to direct a trilogy of films for the Man of Steel (wonder if it is anything to do with Mark Millar’s Superman trilogy). Here is a break down of what was said.

Ninja Assassin is locked and complete. Awaiting a suitable marketing strategy and release from WB. Looking likely to be a late summer release.

– Action scenes are absolutely brutal, unbelievable vision from the Wachowski’s in blocking the fights with the Hong Kong stunt team.

– Spoke about the benefits of tax breaks received from the German and British Governments in making the film.

– McTeigue confirmed that Plastic Man was the next project in the pipeline for the Wachowski’s and he had been signed on to provide Second Unit support. Says the movie has been delayed indefinitely due to a major shake up of projects at WB.

Bryan Singer has refused to undertake a re-boot of the Superman franchise and has left the Executives at WB with no choice but to take a fresh creative direction.

– He stated the Wachowski Brothers had been approached to re-boot the franchise as a trilogy and they are currently reviewing their options as its like being asked to take the final play in a superbowl final. Says if they do agree, he will likely either succumb to providing second unit support on the movie or will champion the directorship of Plastic Man – He started to giggle as he stated its like a young child for the Brothers and they wont give that up easily.

– Says, the very thought of the brothers making a superman movie is unbelievable as they have grown up in the world of comic books and they would be ideal for the project.

– Stated that Bryan Singer is looking to move on to Logan’s Run a movie to be produced by Joel Silver.

Thinking about this I do feel that the Wachowski’s could do a pretty cool Superman film. Neo was pretty much Kal-El by the end of the Matrix trilogy and even struck some Superman poses in his final battle with Agent Smith, as I mentioned when it appeared as one of The Best Fight Scenes Ever! (pity the Matrix Trilogy went steadily downhill as the series progressed in my humble opinion). However, they do get the whole comic book ethos and do always manage to push the special effects in all of their films. Fingers crossed that if they do take it on then they will make something truly special – it’s got to be a damn site better than Superman Returns anyway (hope they get rid of the kid!)

If the Wachowski’s do take on Superman what do you want to see in the trilogy? Should it go back to the very beginning? Should Brandon Routh still play Clark Kent or should someone else be brought on board to play him?

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8 Responses to “Superman Reloaded – Wachowski’s may direct reboot. Oh and some Ninja Assassin and Plastic Man news.”

  1. anotherzen said

    Brandon Routh most deff. should play superman, he
    is perfect imo. He looks, sounds and acts just
    like Reeves did. If it werent for him, Superman Returns
    Would be a whole lot worse. (tho i kind of liked it).

    As for the Wachowski’s, if they don’t destroy the two sequels and then make a MMO out of it, im all for it.

    I would hope for an alternate story of the Superman world, not the same one as in the previous movies. If the news before was correct,
    we will see him as the last man on earth. That
    would satisfy me the most i think hehe.

  2. Fat boy in the back of the theather said

    I’m just hope that This starts the D.C. Universe. D.C. films that are connected like marvel is doing

  3. Anonymous said

    The Wachowski’s effed up Speed Racer and now Warner Brothers is going to let them to a Superman Trilogy ?! LOL

  4. so..ive got issues!!? said

    I wouldnt offer the Wachowski’s brothers a frikkin chip even if the chippy woman had given me a double portion by accident…

    ..i did like V for Vendetta though! ..okay maybe they could have one chip.. they could share it! Oh no larry had dropped his half-a-chip, and is looking at Andy’s half-a-chip! …aww i cant see two brothers fighting over chips, thats not right! Okay 1 chip each… well actually 1 chip for Larry and half-a-chip for Andy, he didnt drop his halfchip!

  5. H Hill said


  6. Anonymous said

    Wow..weird LOL!

  7. Anonymous said

    Superman rocks!

  8. Superman Unleashed said

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