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Deadpool or Weapon XI?

Posted by LiveFor on March 6, 2009

The recent trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine had more footage of the weird bald mutant with the metal claw, cyclops eyebeam and markings on his skin. Is it Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) after going through the Weapon X procedure or is it a totally new mutant, Weapon XI? A British actor called Scott Adkins (Bourne Ultimatum, Holby City, Hollyoaks) is down to play a character called Weapon XI.

MTV Splash Page had these exclusive shots of the mouthless mutant.
The confusion as to the whole Deadpool / Weapon XI mix up is a result of the recent photos for a Deadpool action figure, but maybe that was marked up wrong or is a bit of studio misdirection. Whatever, the toy does look like the guy in these photos. However, the guy does not look like Ryan Reynolds.

I think it may well end up being somebody like Agent Zero or another human character who has all the various mutant abilities grafted onto him. The markings on the skin look similar to those drawn on Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) when he is about to go through the Adamantium procedure. I can’t think of any character from the X-Men comic books that has that look or powers but I could well be mistaken?

Who do you think this new mutant is? Are they an established X-Men character or something new for the film?

UPDATE: The mystery is cleared up in this later post and in this review of the film.

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One Response to “Deadpool or Weapon XI?”

  1. Bub said

    Great post. If it is a different actor then it should be a different character. Looks like it will be a person spliced with all the Mutant powers. It is what they did with Deadpool when they gave him the healing factor. I just want to see a shot of Reynolds as Deadpool with the melting scabby face. Good work

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