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Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner are Company Men

Posted by LiveFor on March 19, 2009

According to Variety, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones will both be starring in The Company Men.

The film is an independently financed drama about the effect that corporate downsizing has on everyone involved. The actors will be joining Ben Affleck who was cast last fall.

The screenplay was written by John Wells. He will also direct.

In the film Affleck is a corporate high roller who gets laid off. Costner plays Affleck’s brother-in-law, a man with a different take on life, who gives him a job.

Jones plays an older employee who must come to terms with the shady business practices of the people he works with.

Filming is set to start in April in Boston.

Costner takes the role as he works to set up “The One,” a film he will direct from a script he penned with “Dances With Wolves” writer Michael Blake, based on an idea by Blake. Costner will star as a free-spirited man who inherits $3 billion, leading him on an adventure and an eventual collision with pirates in the Cayman Islands.

Jones is working on a directing project as well, talking to financiers about “Islands in the Stream,” an adaptation of the Ernest Hemingway tale that Jones wrote, will direct, star in and produce through his Javelina Film Co. banner.

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2 Responses to “Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner are Company Men”

  1. Pat said

    there should be a rule on all blogs. if you post film news, NEVER post a single black and white portrait of someone, i natrually go like OH NOO FUCK TOMMY LEE IS DEAD!!!. its only 2 secs after my near heart attack, that i realize hes just supposed to be in a new film. so pleaaaaaaase. on set. color photos or whatever but no bw-ur-dead pix anymore, ok? 😉

  2. Live for films said

    LOL! Your comment did make me chuckle.

    Sorry about that Pat. I usually go for the black and white photos as I often prefer the look of them.

    On LFF B&W does not mean death 🙂

    Hope your heart is okay.

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