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50 Cent is no longer one of The Expendables

Posted by LiveFor on March 21, 2009

First is was Forest Whitaker, then it was 50 Cent who was down to play Hale Caeser in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables. Now it has changed again. Stallone got in touch with Harry Knowles over at AICN with the update.

So… who is Hale Caesar?

First off – he’s 6’2 & a half” and BIG. He’s a former San Diego Charger. He made his screen debut with Arnold Schwarzeneggar in THE 6TH DAY. And his most recent film will be this summer’s Arnie-less TERMINATOR SALVATION. He is TERRY CREWS. Not necessarily a big name, but a big man to take his place among other big men. As I said, Sly seems very enthusiastic about this fella and I look forward to seeing what Terry Crews has in store for us.

I think this is a much better choice than 50 Cent. Crews has been in Idiocracy, Get Smart, Everybody Hates Chris, Terminator Salvation and loads more. He’s also due to star in Game with Gerard Butler – the first person shooter film where gamers control real people.

Do you think this is a better casting decision than 50 Cent was?

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2 Responses to “50 Cent is no longer one of The Expendables”

  1. Head Hero said

    Yeah, yeah it is.

  2. Daan said

    Everything is better then 50 cent.

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