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John Ostrander talks about what he wants to see in the Suicide Squad film

Posted by LiveFor on March 23, 2009

When it was announced in February that DC/Warner Bros had set its sights on the supervillain team-up series Suicide Squad as one of the next properties to get the big-screen treatment, MTV Splashpage spoke with the “Squad” creator John Ostrander to get some thoughts on the series and which characters were must-have cast members. Along with giving us the lowdown on the characters he considered a necessity for a proper “Suicide Squad” film, Ostrander also shared some thoughts on the story he thinks would provide a proper introduction to the cast of unwilling heroes.

“Some fans have suggested that the first storyline, trying to keep the Jihad from launching a terrorist attack, would make a good storyline [for the film],” Ostrander told MTV News. “I don’t think they’ll adapt any actual storylines but that story could be a good model of what makes the Squad work.”

According to Ostrander, the formula for a faithful representation of the “Suicide Squad” — an ever-changing cast of supervillains forced to engage in dangerous missions by a shadowy government agency — consists of “espionage and a touch of politics and the usual Squad double dealing.”

“[That’s] the stuff that makes the Squad the Squad,” explained Ostrander.

However, Ostrander was quick to point out that the aforementioned suggestions are exactly that — suggestions — and not must-have qualities that will determine whether it’s “mission accomplished” for a “Suicide Squad” adaptation.

“Movies and comics are too different mediums and I’m not going to try to tell anyone how to do their jobs,” said Ostrander. “These are just a few of my stray thoughts here on the sidelines.”

What line up of the Suicide Squad do you want to see? They have to include Deadshot, Captain Boomarang and Amanda Waller in the mix.

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