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First look at Amber Heard in The Rum Diary. It’s carnival time.

Posted by LiveFor on April 30, 2009

From what I can gather this is our very first look at Amber Heard on the set of The Rum Diary in Puerto Rico. Like Megan Fox did recently, Amber’s costume is hidden beneath a rather fetching dressing gown, but still she is on set.
According to my always excellent source, Pam (thanks for the pics Pam), the make believe plaza in Vega Baja is substituting for a carnival in St. Thomas which is a major part of the story. There are meant to be hundreds of extras but not clear how many they actually got. The film’s budget is $45 million so Depp may be taking a big cut in front end pay to do this one. $18 million has been set aside for the Puerto Rico shoot.

Shooting concludes in Puerto Rico on or around 5th June.

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