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Kelly Brook and Riley Steele on the set of Piranha 3-D…in bikinis

Posted by LiveFor on June 11, 2009

Er….something…what was I saying….hello… it hot in here? Keep it together, keep it together.

Our last sight of Kelly Brook on the set of Piranha 3D was a tad bloody. Now these photos from The Superficial (they have lots more) show why Alexandre Aja’s new film may be the most important film of this, or any other generation. It obviously has subtle context of man vs nature, a warning against damaging our environment….whoa I think I blacked out a little there.
Billy Zane and Jason Statham I weep for you both.
Why is the bloke in the top photo smiling?

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7 Responses to “Kelly Brook and Riley Steele on the set of Piranha 3-D…in bikinis”

  1. Robo-DJ said

    Live for Films, I salute you!

  2. Squirrel Girl said

    I should be offended, but then it is a given that all horror slasher type films have sexy women in them.

    Bring on the sexy men!

  3. Alan S said

    Hubba, hubba!!

  4. The Russian said

    God bless ya, Phil – closest thing to porn i can get at work! Did get some funny looks when reading the Deadpool post – tho i'm guessing Ryan's super-toned bod will satisfy Squirrel Girl's lusty demand.

  5. Live for films said

    Glad I could be of service 🙂

    The Ryan Reynolds pic was indeed for the demands of Squirrel Girl

  6. Amy said

    I must admit, I'm so sick of the exploitation of women in entertainment, but hey, everyone needs money now… sex sells… and for somereason, no one wants to see partially nude men… thats why we never get to see them (meanwhile, full frontals of women are in at least 5 mins of every horror film.)

    K I'm done, either way, still gonna see this… I love ridiculous horror film.

  7. THOR said

    Long live Phil The Beard!

    I hope the film is good too of course, but…. wow!

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