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John Carter of Mars is go

Posted by LiveFor on June 12, 2009

It looks as if Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars is finally moving forward. Director Andrew Stanton (WALL-E, Finding Nemo) will be making his live action feature debut.

KLS have the news that Disney will bring 400 cast and crew to Utah and the shoot will last for about seven months.

“Utah approved up to $5.5 million in tax credits for the $28 million of work done here. Production is expected to begin in November, and Disney believes the film could become its next big movie series, akin to Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Stanton has said that he would be specifically adapting the first novel in series, The Princess of Mars, originally published in 1917. The story follows an American civil war hero who gets transported to Mars and becomes a hero on the planet.

Has has also said that he wants to avoud the look and feel of Star Wars or any of its derivatives, and was seeking a “more naturalistic aesthetic.”

Tom Cruise was apparantly interesting in starring in it at one point but he has since passed on the matter.

Who do you want to see play John Carter? Will Stanton be able to pull this off?

Source: /Film

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One Response to “John Carter of Mars is go”

  1. Mark Hodgson, said

    This is very good news. This has been floated as a movie franchise before, but I've never been confident before that anyone could do decent effects for aliens with four arms!

    The Edgar Rice Burroughs' books are great, I'm looking forward to this already!

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