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Shia talks Indiana Jones 5

Posted by LiveFor on June 17, 2009

While chatting to the BBC about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Shia LaBeouf mentioned news about a certain archaeologist.

“Steven [Spielberg] just said that he cracked a story on it before I left and I think they’re gearing that up.”

That is pretty much all he says apart from that fact that there are “definitely no special effects in that movie.”

I think the last part is in reference to the fact that the Transformers film is chock full of CGI (rather like the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

This is what you call early days, but it does look as if they are kicking around the idea of a 5th Indiana Jones film. It is sad that this news doesn’t thrill me as much as it should do. The most recent film was such a disappointment.

If they do make another I hope the story is great, they cut out silly CGI and actually let Indy solve the mystery instead of some gibbering idiot.

How do you feel about the possibility of a new Indy film? What do you want in it and what don’t you want in it?

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7 Responses to “Shia talks Indiana Jones 5”

  1. Jens Altmann said

    They should just stop. Crystal Skull proved that the world didn't even need a 4th Indy movie. A fifth, even less. Let them apply their creativity to something more original.

  2. The Russian said

    Stop destroying my heroes!!

  3. George Lucas said

    Excellent. I've got some great ideas on how we can make it even better….CGI puppies

  4. Jinja said

    Can I just throw into the mix the old Star Trek movie theory.
    Raiders – fantastic
    Temple – screaming woman (ruined the movie)
    Last Crusade – fantastic
    Crystal Skull – shit
    Indy 5 – Fantastic?
    Who knows, where there enough bad reviews of Crystal Skull for the production company to listen?
    Phil i remember you originally enjoying it at the movies!
    Also, I don't count Crystal Skull as an Indy of mine anyway (similarly with Star Wars prequels) – i suppose they can do what they like.

  5. Pat said

    they are jus goin to nuke the fridge agen.


  6. Live for films said

    Jinja, nice theory on the odd even Indy's. Be great if it works.

    Yep I enjoyed Indy 5 when I saw it at the pics with my son. He loved it, but it was terribly flawed.

    However, watching it again on DVD all the problems were even more noticeable and when watched after seeing the other Indy films it just seems so far removed from the Indiana Jones character and universe.

    Sticking with the Star Trek comparison Crystal Skull is like the Mirror Universe of our Indy – Ford just needs to sport a goatee to make that analogy complete

  7. anotherzen said

    i liked crystal skulls, more campy
    serial than ever before, sure some
    crappy moments, but most of it was fun, best part was when indy blew
    back the dart ^^ fantastic.

    i welcome a 5th installment, and
    opposed to most others, i liked the
    story in indy4, tho it could have
    been drawn out a bit more. Temple of
    doom is far worse than crystal,
    its down right a bad movie imo ^^

    i like that they really did it so
    campy, allmost like watching a 50s
    fantasy/sci-fi movie now 😀
    tho by no means a 10/10.

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