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What Deadpool could have looked like.

Posted by LiveFor on June 17, 2009

Now I know a lot of people (myself included) were not happy with the look of Deapool at the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Shiny skin, no mouth, swords kept in his arms meaning he can’t bend the arms if the swords are not extended. Still Ryan Reynolds was cool at the start of the film.

It was not the cancer faced, masked merc with a mouth we loved for the comic.

Now this concept art won’t make it any easier for us. While still different to the original version there are at least a few nods to his mask and look in the version above by Phillip Boutte Jr. They look as if they were for the Wade Wilson version at the start of the film.

The art below is similar to the final version in the film, but is a lot more sinister looking. Still not quite Deadpool, but it would have been better than the one we saw in the film. Mind you it does look a little like Torquemada from the 2000AD Nemesis the Warlock comic strip.

Source: io9

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