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Holy Imaginary White Rabbit – Spielberg to direct a remake of Harvey

Posted by LiveFor on August 2, 2009

harveyI never saw this one coming. Steven Spielberg was last busy at work shooting the 3D motion capture animated version of Tintin with Peter Jackson.

Now, according to /film, Spielberg’s next film will be an adaption of Mary Chase’s play Harvey for 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks.

If the name sounds familiar that is because it was originally made into the classic film starring James Stewart as the friendly drunk who’s best friend is a six foot three and one half inch tall rabbit who may or may not be imaginary.

It is a classic film and one of the ones I remember watching a good few times as I was growing up (along with It’s A Wonderful Life, The Thief of Baghdad, The Italian Job and many more).

Spielberg released the following statement in a press release:

“I am very happy to be working again with my friend Tom Rothman who shepherded us through ‘Minority Report,’ and with Elizabeth and Carla, who I’m looking forward to collaborating with,” said Spielberg. “DreamWorks has experienced a creative and profitable relationship with Twentieth Century Fox in the past, and I look forward to renewing that time together.”

Jonathan Tropper (The Book of Joe, Everything Changes, How to Talk to a Widower) has written the new adaptation. No actors have been officially cast, but pre-production will begin immediately, with Speilberg, Dreamworks, and Fox hoping to begin shooting very early 2010.

As I said at the beginning I never saw this one coming and I do find the news surprising. Don’t get me wrong I love the original film, but I just never saw it being remade.

The question is who could they cast to take the role best played by James Stewart? Tom Hanks seems the likeliest but I think it maybe someone you wouldn’t expect.

How do you feel about the news and who should star in the remake?

4 Responses to “Holy Imaginary White Rabbit – Spielberg to direct a remake of Harvey”

  1. Maureen said

    I’m usually very disappointed with remakes, especially movie classics but I think this one just might work. I agree that Tom Hanks seems like the logical choice but I bet you’re right – it will be someone totally unexpected. I could picture someome like Ben Affleck in the part.

    • liveforfilms said

      Not sure about Affleck playing the role. With todays technology this remake could look very good, but that main character needs to be a dynamite actor to pull it off

  2. Tom Hanks is the usual go-to guy for Jimmy Stewart remakes. Hopefully he’ll pass on this one.
    This is one of my favorite movies, a remake serves no purpose. Though admittedly, I would like to see the original play. So if it’s different enough from the 1950 movie, it may be worth seeing.

  3. […] was back in August that I mentioned news of this remake, but this is the first piece of news I have seen regarding who […]

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