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James McTeigue takes flight with The Raven. Bell Biv Devo it’s Edgar Allan Poe!

Posted by LiveFor on August 5, 2009

edgar-allan-poeJames McTeigue has just finished the excellent looking, Ninja Assassin. He also directed V for Vendetta and worked on Dark City. For his next film it looks as if he will be going back in time to show part of the mysterious life of Edgar Allan Poe. /Film have the news that The Raven will be a fictionalized account of the final five “mysterious” days of Poe’s life. Apparently the famous writer joins the hunt for a serial killer whose murders are inspired by his stories.

“It’s like the poem, The Raven, itself, crossed with Se7en. It should be pretty cool. The script is really good and everyone responds to it really well. I’m in the middle of casting.” said McTeigue

It turns out the real life death of Poe was another mystery. The writer was discovered on the streets of Baltimore in great distress and in need of “immediate assistance.” He was wearing someone else’s clothes and repeating the name “Reynolds”. He died shortly after in hospital, never able to explain what had happened.

What is it with authors and mysterious. Agatha Christie disappeared for a few days and now Poe’s death. Very strange.

The film should be good though. The question is who could play Poe? Johnny Depp maybe?

One Response to “James McTeigue takes flight with The Raven. Bell Biv Devo it’s Edgar Allan Poe!”

  1. anotherzen said

    didnt Sylvester Stallone write a story or script for a Poe movie?

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