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Elvis to meet the Tall Man in Bubba Nosferatu

Posted by LiveFor on August 14, 2009

ronWe all know Bruce Campbell won’t be returning as Elvis for the new Bubba Nosferatu film and that Ron Perlman (Hellboy) is taking over the role.

Now Fangoria Radio have some news on when the shoot will start and who else will be in the film.

“Well, I have this window that’s about to open,” Perlman revealed. “I’ll be done shooting [his cable series] Sons of Anarchy in September, and we’re hoping to get into production on Bubba in my hiatus between seasons two and three. I just spoke to [actor] Paul Giamatti [set to play Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker] and Don Coscarelli this morning, and we’re just moving the ball down the field, trying to get her done.”

Perlman will likely reteam with his I Sell the Dead co-star Angus Scrimm in BUBBA NOSFERATU; Scrimm is being recruited to play a Boris Karloff-like horror star who Elvis meets up with (pre-HO-TEP) in Los Vegas on the set of a vampire movie. Though production may begin by year’s end, Perlman has not begun scouring through the wealth of Presley archival material out there.

“I try to do things one at a time, not to get ahead of myself too much,” the actor said, “but I’m sure when the moment arrives, I’ll have plenty of time to immerse myself in the King. He’s a character that I’ve been living with my entire life.”

Perlman admitted that he’s thrilled about the BUBBA NOSFERATU opportunity and playing the rock ’n’ roll legend. “Well, he’s so iconic because there was never anyone like him and never since. Elvis created an entire new place for that image. He’s so iconic, he’s mythic. I’m very titillated to see what it’s gonna be like to be inside the white jumpsuit.”

One Response to “Elvis to meet the Tall Man in Bubba Nosferatu”

  1. pjowens75 said

    Okay, the only way this will work and come even close to HO-TEP is if his partner Gary Cooper or John Wayne stuck in the body of Ann Margaret or Cyd Charise.

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