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The Random – Sherlock Holmes, Inception, Kick-Ass, White Chicks sequel, Powder, The Expendables

Posted by LiveFor on August 18, 2009

Brad Pitt may or may not be Moriarty in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. I think the denial is the studio’s way of covering themselves and the rumour may infact be true.

Some photos of Ellen Page and Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of Christopher Nolan’s Inception have surfaced. They tell us not much at all.

Lionsgate has acquired US and Canadian distribution rights for Matthew Vaughn’s adaption of Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass and will be releasing it in 2010.

The sequel you were waiting for is on the way according to THR. White Chicks 2 starring the Wayans Brothers. Dear God why hast thou forsaken us!

Mark Elliot is set to make his directorial debut with the big screen adaptation of Liam Boyle’s rock and roll drug novel Powder. According to The Hollywood Reporter, singer Lily Allen’s younger brother Alfie Allen is set to star in this upcoming drama. The original novel revolved around a small time band that makes it big in the music industry, and thus succumbs to all the evils it has to offer. The project is also set to star newcomers Jefferson Hall, Al Weaver, Jo Woodcock and Vinette Robinson. Powder will begin filming at London’s V Festival starting next week. The film will shoot in Liverpool, London, and Ibiza before wrapping in Spain this October.

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