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Whiplash has a new look

Posted by LiveFor on August 18, 2009


Mickey Rourke is playing Whiplash in Iron Man 2 and had looked like this. That was an early look of his armour and so far we are waiting for confirmation on what the full armour will look like.

Marvel have released the above image from a forthcoming comic book Mini-Series. Written by Brannon Braga and Green Lantern movie co-writer Marc Guggenheim thee four-issue series will, according to editor Bill Rosemann, tell you all you need to know about Rourke’s character before the movie:

Before he flays the metal off of Tony Stark’s hide in ‘Iron Man 2,’ this is every True Believer’s chance to crawl inside the twisted head of the wicked Whiplash… If it’s jet-setting, globe-trotting, eye-popping action you crave, Iron Man Vs. Whiplash will make you believe that Tony Stark is indeed a cool exec with a heart of steel… and Whiplash is the fiend that will break it!

As this is for the comic book there may be no correlation with the final look of the character in the film, but you never know.

What are your thoughts on the art work? Could it work on the big screen?

Source: io9

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