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Avatar – The teaser trailer is with us

Posted by LiveFor on August 20, 2009

Here it is. The trailer for James Cameron’s sci-fi 3D epic is out on the cinema. Here is a much better version of the trailer. Have a look and let me know what you think of it. Will it be worth the wait?

I think it looks amazing but at the moment the big eyes of the alien Na’vi make me feel that it is a little cartoony. I’m sure that will change when I see more footage of the film.

I still feel that the plot may be the biggest weakness here – a mix of Dances With Wolves, the new Bruce Willis film Surrogates and most of all the 1992 animated film Ferngully: The Last Rainforest. The IMDB synopsis for that latter is The magical inhabitants of a rainforest called FernGully fight to save their home that is threatened by logging and a polluting force of destruction called Hexxus.

Avatar is about the alien inhabitants of the planet Pandora fighting to save their home that is threatened by the mining and pollution of the humans.

Ferngully even has a human who is shrunk to join the Fairy creatures in battling the bad guys as Sam Worthington gets put in a Na’vi Avatar to join forces with the indigenous population.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely excited to see the film in 3D but I feel our expectations are dreadfully high.
Apple have it in high def.
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11 Responses to “Avatar – The teaser trailer is with us”

  1. Jinja said

    Erm…looks amazing…but, looks like a computer game. Each of the alien creatures look like CG – is that just because I know its CG or is it just too CG to be anything else? The planet itself looks real, the floating landscapes etc.

  2. pjowens75 said

    Well, since all they do nowadays is remakes, weren’t we about due for a remake of Ferngully?

  3. pamela fruendt said

    watched apple’s hd version of the avatar trailer and, while it looks good, i must say i’m seriously considering whether i’m going to trek into ny 8/21 to see the additional footage. a trailer is supposed to entice the viewer, but all avatar’s did was remind me of films i’ve seen before. i agree with your take on it, phil…the storyline is the weakest link. i might just stay here in the hills of jersey and catch district 9. i know lots of people will call avatar the holy grail of film, but i think the bar has been set too high for cameron’s latest work.

  4. anotherzen said

    the teaser looks amazing, im not really sure about the CGI problem, i belive they have done a pretty good job of making them look real, but if its not real, it will never be, our brains prolly cant handle it lol.

    But still i cant wait for the 20min preview later tonight. and as for rehashing old stories, its seems to be
    the ‘ol vietnam war all over again, as it is with most Cameron movies ^^ superior tech vs superior determination
    and/or superior numbers at their home terf. its what aliens was about, terminator and abyss, it works and that story
    is relevant today aswell 🙂

    alteast thats what i believe ^^

  5. Pat said

    best cgi ever yet yea probably but OH MY GOD WHY THAT TERRIBLE STANDARD TYPEFACE? it looks disgusting. as a visual designer im insulted by the use of that font…seriously.
    i wasnt blown away. even the trailer for crank 2 got me more excited.

  6. anotherzen said

    just came back from the 20min preview in 3D, man.. im allmost speechless.
    I have never seen a 3D movie before, so that might be it, but this aint the old red and green kind of 3D.
    And the effect it gave was just so natural, only problem i had was that the texting was like if
    someone sat infront of me, holding up a poster, it was obviously in the way, but the rest, well
    this is really how to get people back into to the cinemas and giving them a rich experience 🙂

    and for the movie preview, finaly someone has made a movie like this hehe, its true what they say, its
    not like anything anyone has ever seen. And it was fantastic in more ways then one, overall a
    10/10 experience. As how the movie really is, ill just have to wait until december to find out ^^

    • liveforfilms said

      So jealous. Glad you enjoyed it. The 3D side of things must take it all the way up to 11

    • pamela fruendt said

      glad you enjoyed it. i stayed home…thunderstorms from hell. did you get a sense of the storyline or was it just all oohhs and aahhs froms the visuals?

      • anotherzen said

        as far as i can tell the story is whats been said by Cameron before,
        and the preview started with James Cameron telling us that the clips
        we would see (about 2-5min clips) where all from the first half of the
        movie and would not contain any spoilers. But just for the people who
        don’t want to know anything about the movie, ill put up a small sight below 🙂

        !!MINOR SPOILERS!!

        So from what i could gather, Sam Worthington is an ex-marine/soldier that
        is in a wheelchair, prolly from injury in battle or somehting. And has
        volunteered for the Avatar thingy to be able to walk again. As he enters
        his Avatar he escapes, or tries to, hard to tell from the clip, could be
        he is just overjoyed to be able to walk again.

        Sigorney Weaver joins him and another person in their Avatars on the Planet
        for survival training, im guessing something goes wrong here or he is made
        to infiltrate the Navi, but the usual happens, he befriends one of the female
        natives, finds joy in their way of life and so on, or so it seems.

        Anywho, thats all i could think of that was going on in the clips, and as Cameron
        said, it was all from the first half of the movie.

        its seems more like one of those old indian movies, where the white man is injured
        taken care of by the indians and falls in love with the chiefs daughter and becomes
        an allie that fights with them at the end hehe.

        one thing they really nailed was the character animation, its so good that 99% of
        the character animation, i couldn’t tell that it was CG, its so good that it almost
        looks like a guy in a blue suit. I know they have people in dot suits, tracking
        movements to animation, but usually you can tell right away, here its perfect.
        Gollum, go fish! 😛

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