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The Avengers line up as hinted by Kevin Feige

Posted by LiveFor on August 23, 2009

115_ULTIMATE_COMICS_AVENGERS_1_Carlos_PachecoThe last time Kevin Feige (the guy in charge of the Marvel films) spoke about the Avengers film he mentioned that we would see Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Nick Fury in the film. Now, speaking to CBR, he has given some more hints as to who we may see and it is sounding more and more like it is based on Mark Millar’s take on the team in The Ultimates.

Black Widow is being introduced in “Iron Man 2” and is played by Scarlett Johansson. Will her character be a part of “The Avengers” movie or possibly be spun-off into her own feature film?

She’s signed on for all of those should we be lucky enough to have an audience that wants to see them.

How large will Nick Fury’s role be in “Iron Man 2,” “Thor,” and “Captain America?”

You know, that remains to be seen. I think [Sam Jackson’s] gone on the record as saying that he hasn’t busted into badass action mode yet. At the end of the first one, for the people who were patient enough to wait through the end credits, they met this guy named Nick Fury. They or Tony had no idea who he was. In this movie, he opens that door a little bit more for Tony and invites him to walk through it. Tony may or may not do that in this movie. But Nick Fury is the conduit through which all the characters will connect.

In that case, how important was it for you to sign Sam Jackson for all of those films?

We wanted to do it. We wanted to do it for the continuity and clearly he had inspired the Ultimate Comics incarnation of Nick Fury of the past ten years. So we were very happy when we got him involved in all of the movies.

Will the Hulk factor into “The Avengers” film at all?

I think so. In the comics, he has.

Would “The Incredible Hulk” star Edward Norton return for the Avengers movie?

I don’t know? We should ask him.

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