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Pirates of the Caribbean 4 may go Steampunk

Posted by LiveFor on August 25, 2009

steampunk_pendantThe always excellent Jeffrey Wells over on Hollywood Elsewhere had this interesting post about what we may be seeing in the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. The fountain of youth plot has been mentioned a few times, but as far as I am aware this is the first time any mention of the villain of the piece has been mentioned. Of course it is all still early days for the film so take this as a rumour for the moment.

The thumbnail plot for Jerry Bruckheimer’s Pirates of the Caribbean 4, a connected friend confides, is a search by Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and other parties for the fountain of youth. This is the same MacGuffin plot that George Lucas was supposedly considering for an Indy sequel. There will also be some kdin of Captain Nemo-type villain utilizing new-style technology. Sounds like they’re invoking the “steampunk” style we’ve seen gain more and more of a foothold in genre conventions, including Comic Con.

How do you feel about Steampunk making its way into the PotC universe? I do love a bit of steampunk so as long as the designs are good then it should look lovely – although thoughts of Wild Wild West do spring to mind.

One Response to “Pirates of the Caribbean 4 may go Steampunk”

  1. pjowens75 said

    It could work. Of course I think the whole series needs either a complete reboot, or a quiet burial at sea. But a steampunk angle could be nice, especially if, as you say, the gadgets are done well.
    I’ve always wanted to get one ot those steampunk keyboards for my computer.

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