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Deadman to be guided by Guillermo Del Toro

Posted by LiveFor on August 29, 2009

mignola_deadmanAnother great DC Comic character is heading to the big screen and this one could be nice and spooky.

Bloody Disgusting is being told that Nikolaj Arcel (Island of Lost Souls ) is looking to direct Deadman for Warner Bros. Pictures. Guillermo del Toro is set to produce the film. that follows a a circus tightrope walker who is murdered and returns as a ghost with the ability to inhabit the bodies if others in order to find his killer.

Deadman is a ghost, formerly a circus trapeze artist named Boston Brand who performed under the name Deadman, a stage persona including a red costume and white corpse makeup. When Brand is murdered during a trapeze performance by a mysterious assailant known only as the Hook (in fact his last words were “Gee, from up here it almost looks like that guy with the hook for a hand has a gun…”), his spirit is given the power to possess any living being by a Hindu goddess (created for the purposes of the story) named Rama Kushna (a corruption of Rama-Krishna), in order to search for his murderer and obtain justice.

He has interacted with many of the other DC characters, most notably Batman and his adventures have been both comical and weird.

I’ll look forward to this one. Who could play Boston Brand?

2 Responses to “Deadman to be guided by Guillermo Del Toro”

  1. anotherzen said

    nice, seen the character in Batman the Brave and the Bold, i dont believe i have seen him in much else tho, but an interesting character indeed.

  2. […] by liveforfilms on September 8, 2009 Remember last week when I posted the news that Guillermo del Toro would be producing a Deadman film based on the exploits of DC Comics […]

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