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Blue World – She leads us into temptation, but only he can deliver her from evil

Posted by LiveFor on September 1, 2009

bw_30_pbHow does this film synopsis grab you?

In a city dark with passion, death and crime, a serial killer known as “The Stranger” is hunting and killing the cast of a well-known adult film. Fr. John Lancaster is the ideal priest. The backbone of morality his entire life, he learns a new kind of faith a faith he can feel coursing through his veins when Debbie Stoner, “the porn star,” steps into his confessional to bare her soul. Fate mixes with unwelcome desire to push the unlikely pair together, and John saves Debbie from certain death. This small and completely unselfish act plunges the priest into a life that deeply contrasts his own. As Debbie and John grow closer, The Stranger moves in for his last kill. Torn between his church and a soul in need, the priest finds himself caught in a fight against temptation, struggling to deliver them all from evil.

It is based on the book by Robert McCammon.

Starring Steven Weber, Frank Sivero, Kaitlin Doubleday and Seymour Cassel

One Response to “Blue World – She leads us into temptation, but only he can deliver her from evil”

  1. pjowens75 said

    I read the book when it first came out…was a big McCammon fan. Good book, and would make a pretty good film, but he’s got others that would be better.

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