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UPDATED: The A-Team have their B A Baracus

Posted by LiveFor on September 7, 2009

rampageThe A-Team film is slowly coming together.

Joe Carnahan is directing. Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) is down as Templeton “Face” Peck, Liam Neeson is Hannibal and now fools everywhere will have someone to pity them.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship world light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is in Vancouver to star as BA Baracus. Yep Mr T has been replaced.

Jackson has been removed from the UFC 107 card where he was set to face Sugar Rashad Evans in an Ultimate Fighter finale showdown, so he can appear in the film. He was spotted on Robson Street Friday afternoon, signing autographs for fans.

The Vancouver Sun has learned Rampage was in Vancouver on 19th August to discuss the role with producers and arrived in town recently to prepare for filming for the next six weeks.

Do you think Rampage is a good choice to play Bad Attitude Baracus? Does anyone know if he can act?

All that is left is someone to play Murdoch. Chris Pine (Star Trek, Carriers) has said he would love to play the role. If not him who else could play Howling Mad Murdoch?

What A-Team clichés do you want to see in the big screen version?

Thanks to Andrew for pointing out this snippet of Rampage’s acting in the trailer for Never Surrender.

5 Responses to “UPDATED: The A-Team have their B A Baracus”

  1. Greg said

    Perfect choice. Much better than the current rapper of the month!

  2. pjowens75 said

    Don’t know if he can act or not…but then, could Mr. T?

  3. octagonproplex said

    This project seems doomed to me, but if I had my druthers;

    Terry Crews would be sporting a mohawk and some bling.
    Mel Gibson would be wryly chewing a cigar.
    Fresh out a straitjacket, Giovanni Ribisi would be firing up the chopper.
    Chris Evans would be playing lady’s man in the back of the van.
    While a black ops team lead by Clancy Brown trails in hot persuit.
    The soundtrack is thundering a Hans Zimmer adaptation of the original Mike Post theme.
    Mauro Fiore is behind the camera and Antoine Fuqua is calling the shots.

  4. octagonproplex said

    Nope. Terry Crews was the ONLY man for the job. I don’t think Joe Carnahan has ever even SEEN A-Team.

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