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Toy Story 3 – Footage has been seen and here’s the description

Posted by LiveFor on September 7, 2009

toystory3shirtfrontWoody and Buzz Lightyear’s third adventure draws ever nearer. According to /film Pixar won the Golden Lion in a presentation at the Venice Film Festival. They then showed some footage from Toy Story 3. Here is a description of that footage.

Andy now has grown up, he has to go to college and his mom tells him to get rid of his stuff in the bedroom: attic or trash.
So andy finds Buzz and Woody in a box and decides to bring Woody with him at the college and put the other toys in a black
plastic bag for the attic. When he opens the ladder to the attic his sister shows up and he leaves the plastic bag on the floor to help her. the ladder closes and his mum walks by, sees the plastic bag and put everything near the trash out of the house.
The trash truck is coming and Woody witnesses everything and tries to help his friends (they are inside, using the dino’s tail to break the bag). Woody arrives but cracks the wrong bags. So the man takes the bag and put it on the truck. Woody runs to help his friends
when we see a close up of the truck starting to swallow the bags. Then close up of Woody that shouts “nooooo!”

What do you think of that? Sounds like harsh times ahead for the toys…what would the toys do if they made it to the attic anyway?

Head on over to /film though as they also have a description of some footage for Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.

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