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Night of the Living Dead: Origins – 3D CGI remake of Romero’s classic

Posted by LiveFor on September 16, 2009

originsZombie movie “Night of the Living Dead” is coming back, this time in a 3D CGI format and without the involvement of George Romero.

According to THR the re-imagining is being directed by newcomer Zebediah de Soto and produced by Simon West and Simon West Productions president Jib Polhemus.

On the story front, De Soto, who wrote the script with David R. Schwartz, wants to update the tale partially by bringing out the characters’ backstories and make what he called “an American-style anime.”

Now that sounds cool. American-style anime so I imagine lots of great zombie death scenes and carnage in an hyper real kind of way.

This anime style will be done by using new technology the filmmaker is inventing. De Soto, along with partner Gus Malliarodaki founded New Golden Digital, a digital effects company which develops cutting-edge hardware and software.

The duo created and designed a real-time effects system, known as ‘The Beast’, which allows filmmakers the ability to direct CG performances the same way they would direct real live actors. The aim of the process is to make tennis balls on a stick representing real people or monsters a thing of the past by allowing actors interact with CG elements as if they are tangible.

De Soto, who has no agent or manager, directed a short titled “War Dogs” – sort of Vietnam War set in space – that made the rounds in Hollywood late last year. West (the director of movies such as “Con Air,” “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” and the upcoming TV show “Human Target”) and Polhemus were impressed at how the short manage to look like the production had a higher budget than it actually did, and began looking for a project to partner on.

De Soto was a fan of the original “Living Dead” and once the trio realized the rights were in the public domain, zeroed in on that project.

Personally I am very excited by this. A remake of a classic but using a whole new technology (called The Beast so you know it rocks) plus zombies. Fingers crossed it stays on course.

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