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Call of Duty trademarked for movies

Posted by LiveFor on October 5, 2009

codFellow video gamers rejoice. While we wait for the release of Modern Warfare 2 – I can’t wait to get my hands on that one – news has surfaced that we may be seeing Call of Duty on the big screen at some point in the future.

/Film picked up on this via Trademork – On September 21, 2009, American video game developer and publisher Activision filed to protect the trademark Call Of Duty in relation to “pre-recorded movies featuring comedy, drama, action, adventure, music, theatrical performances and/or animation”.

Back in early May 2009, The Hollywood Reporter and a variety of gaming websites reported that Activision had set up deals for a “Call Of Duty” movie based on the popular video game. However, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has declined since then to comment on the status of Call of Duty becoming a film. This filing seems to indicate a film is definitely forthcoming.

The big question is what type of Call of Duty film do you want to see? World War 2, Moder Warfare style or Nazi Zombies?

Let me know what would make your perfect Call of Duty film.

3 Responses to “Call of Duty trademarked for movies”

  1. Pat said

    i hadnt seen tht trailer for modern warfare 2 before. very atmospheric. something like that would be great as a film. a world that is full of war and destruction and then showing the opposing forces from different angles…could be interesting. best war film ive seen recently (might be a nice poll idea! ;P is BROTHERHOOD (south korean). great , great movie.

    • liveforfilms said

      great idea for a poll Pat.

      I can’t wait for MW2 and I think this is the newest trailer for it (I could be wrong though). I am itching to get hold a copy to review as the first Modern Warfare game was incredibly cinematic in places – Ghillies in the Mist was such a good level.

  2. Nice read! I cant wait till Modern Warfare 2 is released! Not long to go now 🙂

    Sodagod @ Modern Warfare 2 Forums

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