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Thomas Jane talks about Dark Country

Posted by LiveFor on October 6, 2009

the_dark_country08Thomas Jane (The Punisher, The Mist, Hung) is a Live for Films favourite and I have been following his directorial debut, Dark Country, for a while now (although I have still not had a chance to see it). It is a noir film shot in 3D starring Jane, Ron Perlman, Lauren German and a few others. So the studio decide to release it direct to DVD in 2D! Lack of logic behind that decision makes my brain hurt.

The film stars Jane and Lauren German (Hostel: Part II) as a couple traveling through the desert from Las Vegas to California who come upon a mysterious stranger. After almost killing the stranger, they pick him up and begin their journey into darkness.

Be that as it may, it still sounds very cool and Thomas Jane has been chatting to Bloody Disgusting about the film.

They asked him about the whole look and feel of the film. The way it had a very 50’s kind of feel and whether that had been his intention from the start.

“Definitely something I brought to the picture. I am really inspired by noir film, and by the Twilight Zone… this film felt like an extended Twilight zone episode to me. And then for film noir, particularly the cinematographer John Altman, who worked with Anthony Mann on films like Raw Deal, and He Walked By Night. I wanted to make something very modern, but also timeless, yet very steeped in film noir. I came up with a visual style that was influenced by these things but also something a little unique that I can call my own. Watching the movie, I don’t think you can say that I’m aping anyone else’s style. The type of story that it is dictated the style of the film. And also I’m a big comic book guy, I love graphic novels, I published a couple of my own through my company Raw Studios. I worked with Tim Bradstreet who is a fantastic illustrator in the comic book world – he did all of the Punisher covers – and he was the visual consultant and production designer on Dark Country. And Bernie Wrightson, who is a master horror illustrator, he did the character designs for Bloody-face. So these influences created the style and tone that you see in the film. The muted colors, the crushed blacks, not a lot of mid-tones, almost like a black and white movie. When I developed the script with Tad Murphy, that was the way I wanted to tell the story, with a unique visual structure.”

The fact he got Tim Bradstreet (check out his cool poster for the film) and Bernie Wrightson involved means you know it is going to look amazing. Two very cool comic book artists there.

Then there is the fact he got Hellboy himself involved.

“I’m a friend of Ron’s, and I think he FITS in the genre. The movie is made for people who like this left of center stuff. It’s a very graphic novel oriented film, with influences from film noir, Carnival of Souls, cult movie influences…. this is a movie for people who enjoy that type of stuff, and to me, Ron Perlman is the perfect actor for a movie like this. He’s got a great following, and I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, and we became pals when we did Mutant Chronicles together. So we had a blast, and Ron coming on board… he just fit the story perfectly. Very proud to have him in my first film, and he also helped give me confidence as a director, he’s very easy to work with. A fantastic guy. Damn lucky to have him.”

Head on over to check out the full interview over on BD. He talks about directing himself, his Bad Planet comic and the 3D aspect of the film.

Have you seen the film? If so what did you think of it?

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