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The Losers – First proper look at Zoe Saldana

Posted by LiveFor on October 7, 2009

Here is Zoe Saldana (Star Trek, Avatar) as Aisha from the adaption of The Losers comic book. Entertainment Weekly had the photo.

The Losers is directed by Sylvian White and also stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, Supernatural) as the leader Clay, Idris Elba (Ultraviolet, Obsessed) is his second-in-command Roque, Chris Evans (Fantastic Four, Push) as Jensen, Oscar Jaenada (The Limits of Control) as Cougar and Columbus Short as Pooch. Aisha is the lone female member of the betrayed intelligence operatives.

Writer of the comic Andy Diggle, recently visited the Puerto Rico-based production set and describes the character as “Aisha has to be deadly and desirable in equal measure, and Zoe embodies both qualities in spades,” Diggle said of the actress and her character. “Trust me, you’ve never seen her kick ass the way she does in ‘The Losers’!”

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