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Horns – Joe Hill’s (son of Stephen King) book to be adapted

Posted by LiveFor on October 12, 2009

joe hillMandalay Pictures has picked up film rights to Horns, the upcoming novel by Joe Hill (Heart Shaped Box), son of Stephen King, according to Variety.

The novel is described as a love story driven by horror and vengeance that revolves around a 26-year-old man who wakes up one morning from a blackout hangover and finds horns sprouting out of his head. As the horns grow bigger by the day, the reason why seems to lie in the unsolved murder of his girlfriend.

Joe Hill also wrote the brilliant Locke and Key graphic novel which I thoroughly enjoyed and can highly recommend. Very spooky, lots of twists and great characters in that one. All about some kids who move into an old house full of magic doors, strange keys and lurkers in the well.

The book will be published by William Morrow in February 2010 and this is the full synopsis.

“Ignatius Martin Perrish spent the night drunk and doing terrible things. He woke the next morning with a headache, put his hands to his temples and felt something unfamiliar, a pair of knobby, pointed protuberances. He was so ill-wet-eyed and weak-he didn’t think anything of it at first, was too hung-over for thinking or worry. But when he was swaying over the toilet, he glanced at himself in the mirror above the sink and saw he had grown horns while he slept.

The second son of a renowned musician and doting mother, Ig Perrish has a privileged life and expectations of a bright future with his childhood sweetheart, Merrin Williams. But life takes an unexpected dark turn when Merrin is brutally killed and suspicion falls hard on Ig.

A year passes, but Ig is nowhere near over his grief or his rage . . . feelings that come to a head in a lost evening of alcohol and hate. When he wakes the next morning he discovers that he has undergone a surreal transformation, and is in possession of an incredible power. It isn’t long before he turns his terrible new abilities towards vengeance. Unfortunately Ig is about to learn that when it comes to revenge, the devil is in the details” .

One Response to “Horns – Joe Hill’s (son of Stephen King) book to be adapted”

  1. phil said

    He looks like a young George Lucas in that pic.

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