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Home Movie, 2008 – Movie Review – 31 Days of Horror

Posted by LiveFor on October 14, 2009

Director: Christopher Denham
Starring: Adrian Pasdar, Cady McClain
Score: 8 / 10

This review by Darren Todd of The Automaton for my 31 Days of Horror

If watching The Blair Witch Project, Quarantine, or Cloverdale made you sick and ruined your enjoyment of the film, then you should probably skip this review. At least I mentioned that in the first sentence.

If you didn’t get sick – if indeed you like the style of shooting as I do – then Home Movie should be your next rental (or buy).

With only four actors (one of whom is Adrian Pasdar – Nathan Petrelli from Heroes), and a direction that is clear in the first five minutes, Home Movie really needs more than jump scares and creepy kids to keep it afloat, and it indeed comes through in a big way. While the camcorder style of shooting can give the film a less professional feel, Home Movie’s scenes are tightly crafted and feel very purposeful, which speaks a lot to the way in which it is edited. Though it only rings in at an hour and twenty minutes, I don’t feel gypped, but rather happy with how tight the scenes feel.

Too, there are a number of more subtle sight and sound elements that make a subsequent view a must, as you’ll inevitably be trying to put some things together at the end.

Mostly, despite the aforementioned predictability, the film stayed with me for some time, as I kept thinking about what facets of the plot might have meant. It is this complexity in a simple package that is untimately Home Video’s greatest appeal. Stacked against far flatter, jump scare horror films, Home Video proves much richer and more distrubing. Don’t think you’ll jump out of your seat so much as you’ll find yourself unable to sleep, which is the mark of great horror in my opinion.

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One Response to “Home Movie, 2008 – Movie Review – 31 Days of Horror”

  1. I’m so glad someone else has seen this! I really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed your review!

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