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Extraordinary Measures – Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser make a miracle

Posted by LiveFor on November 11, 2009

EM 1-Sht (Page 1)
If you think this is a Mummy / Indiana Jones cross over then you are sorely mistaken.

The film is based on the true story of John Crowley, a man who fought the system to pursue a cure for his child’s life threatening disease.

You know what, Indiana Jones in a fridge is probably better than this. What happened to Indy and Han?

One Response to “Extraordinary Measures – Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser make a miracle”

  1. chris said

    you can only say that because you can not relate to the family that this is based on. Did you know only 20 people in canada have that disease? did you know that because of this movie as well as many youtube videos asking how much one life is truly worth that people with this disease are able to live normal lives? Did you know that without John Crowley’s determination many people would be dead right now? many children and adults?

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