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Call of Duty Modern Warfare film soldiering on?

Posted by LiveFor on November 18, 2009

The New York Post recently spoke to actor Kevin McKidd (Dog Soldiers, Rome, Journeyman), who voices the Captain “Soap” McTavish character in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They talk about the possibility of a film.

“They were looking for a rough, Scottish actor in Hollywood they probably couldn’t get Gerard Butler, so they got the No. 2 Gerard Butler, me. I had no idea it would be so huge, and now there are talks of a feature film,” he revealed to PopWrap. Then came the kicker, when asked if he would be bringing Soap to life in the movie, he said, “if the script is good, and Gerard isn’t available [laughs], then absolutely.”

Well it is nothing solid and looks like it is just talks at the moment but with the massive success of Modern Warfare 2 I imagine a film will soon follow.

McKidd, also went on to say that a film based on the TV series Rome is in the works as well.

“There is a script that is being shopped and it’s supposedly very good, I haven’t seen it, but I am definitely going to be a part of the movie,” Kevin told PopWrap. He then went on to say that his character, soldier/politician Lucius Vorenus, is not dead despite what happened in the show. “He very much alive, so that should be a fun story to tell.”

If there is a Modern Warfare 2 film who would you rather see play Soap – Mckidd or Butler?

2 Responses to “Call of Duty Modern Warfare film soldiering on?”

  1. moviegrrl said

    McKidd, definitely. He’s a much better actor, and much more than a walking 6 Pack. I’ve never understood Hollywood’s obsession with Butler.

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