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John Barrowman does Tom Cruise for Charity!

Posted by LiveFor on November 21, 2009

Oh you lot can be so smutty!

It is Torchwood’s Captain Jack Harkness doing the scene from Risky Business for tonights Children in Need. Go and donate.

5 Responses to “John Barrowman does Tom Cruise for Charity!”

  1. Geldof said

    C.I.N sucks! It’s like being force fed syrup! Whilst watching bad panto! Everyone with their fake smiles, and “look how crazy we are” acts… “OH dear god! he’s a news presenter..but..but hes singing badly along with the cast of Holyf*cks!”..”Thats Wacky..heres some cash”…. I’d donate money for it not to be aired! You have the likes of Macca who could cover the donation cost with the royalties from that quality frog song,(where is Mark Chapman when you need him) yet its people like him telling me to dig deep and donate! Ill dig deep.. dig deep and bury my TV! It wouldn’t be so bad if the show wasn’t so contrived and “clinically clean BBC” it’s like a doctor’s waiting room and about as risky and cutting edge as bowl of cornflakes…Whats laughable about the whole event is the amount of money raised.. Its laughable considering the amount of money our government wastes on bank bailouts and war for oil…pity really they could end child suffering in a heartbeat!

  2. John B said

    Lol Anger! I like it!

  3. Bishop said

    …roll on red nose day! 😉

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