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In the Small – What would you do if you were six inches tall? Francis Lawrence may show us

Posted by LiveFor on November 26, 2009

Francis Lawrence (I am Legend) appears to be heading to the land of the giants with his next film, In the Small.

The story begins with the cataclysmic event of a blue light that washes over the Earth and causes everyone to shrink to a sixth of their normal size which means that humans are in danger from some serious predators.

The book follows two characters Mouse and Beatrix who round up survivors and group them together to make a new society. After the event Beatrix begins building a sustainable community in the house she and her family lived in, while Mouse returns from the city leading a group home.

How does that grab you? On the plus side overpopulation is no longer a worry plus there will be lots of carnage caused by cats, mice, insects etc killing people!

It is based on an original graphic novel by children’s book illustrator Michael Hague (The Wind in the Willows, The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, The Wizard of Oz). I hadn’t heard of it until Filmstalker mentioned it. I like the sound of it and todays technology means it should be quite a bit better than Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
Author Michael Hague chatted to Newsarama about the graphic novel.

“I’d actually had the idea for a long time. When the kids were little, in the summertime, we used to pose little questions for them, little projects to keep their minds sharp during the summer. And one of the ideas was, “Could we survive if we were six inches tall?” (laughs) It was kind of hard for them to wrap their heads around that idea. But that’s where it came from.”

At first it looked as if he was going to go the route of DC Comics the Atom and have everyone retain their normal sized strength.

“I actually talked to a scientist about this. He thought that if we were to shrink down to six inches tall, we might retain super-strength like ants – the muscle mass would be super-dense. I had that in at the beginning, but decided to take it out. It was just getting too odd. (laughs) As far as science in the book, there wasn’t a lot!”

The book ends with a cliffhanger of sorts, but it there is already a sequel which will no doubt make the whole thing more attractive to the studios.

“I’ve written another one. It has the same sort of ending, where it looks like this might continue. I always liked stories that ended like that – “This isn’t the end, everything isn’t all nicely wrapped up, the story continues.” And yes, I would like to continue doing these.”

Hague was also made up with the fact the book was optioned to be a film before it was even published.

“It’s been pretty amazing, actually! My agent in New York had contacted an agent in CAA, and he agreed to take the project on, and someone contacted him…and one day I got a phone call asking if I was willing to take a group call with Warner Brothers and Weed Road Pictures, because they had an offer for the movie. I asked my agent if it always happens like this, and he said, “No, it never happens like this!” So in the span of about four hours, I had a movie deal! And it’s been very exciting.”

What do you think about In the Small? What would you want to see six inch tall people get up to?

You can get the graphic novel at Amazon UK or Amazon USA

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