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Invasion – Alien invasion film could be the next Cloverfield?

Posted by LiveFor on December 1, 2009

Summit Entertainment has picked up Ben Magid’s Cloverfield-esque sci-fi spec script Invasion according to STYD.

The story follows the survivors of a subway accident under Los Angeles. Climbing out the tunnels, they emerge into a ruined city littered in some kind of snow, bodies, panic-fueled mobs and a strange goo with acidic properties.

Sounds good doesn’t it. I wonder if the snow are the remains of humanity in a “They’re all dead, Dave” Red Dwarf kind of way? The description also reminds me a little of one scene in FAQ About Time Travel.

Eli Roth and Eric Newman will produce.

It has some potential although I’m assuming when they say Cloverfield-esque that they don’t mean people running around with camcorders during an invasion? That shaky-cam really makes me feel sick.

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