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Spider-Man 4 – Is John Malkovich going to be The Vulture?

Posted by LiveFor on December 8, 2009

Interesting news or rather a rumour for the big bads of the next Spider-Man film.

Movieline has confirmed with sources close to the film that Sam Raimi’s sequel is circling John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway to play Spider-Man’s adversaries.

If negotiations proceed according to plan, Malkovich will be playing Spider-Man’s nemesis the Vulture, who packs a punch despite his advanced age.

In the comic Adrian Toomes was born in Staten Island, New York. He is a former electronics engineer who was once the business partner of a man named Gregory Bestman; Bestman handled the finances while Toomes, the inventions. One day, after creating a flight harness, Toomes eagerly rushed into Bestman’s office to share the happy news. However, Bestman was not there, and Toomes discovered that Bestman had secretly been embezzling funds and that Toomes had no legal recourse. Enraged, Toomes wrecked the business, discovering that the harness also granted him superhuman strength. He then decided to turn to crime professionally as the Vulture. His wings are as sharp as swords and can be used as projectile weapons. They will replenish themselves so he can maintain flying abilities.

The Vulture employs a special harness of his own design that allows him to fly; his flight is directed by a pair of wings worn on his arms. The harness also endows him with enhanced strength and (according to some sources) increases his lifespan. Although Toomes is advanced in age, he is a strong fighter and a remorseless killer.

I think Malkovich is an excellent choice to play. However, for Spider-Man 3 Raimi had originally wanted to use the Vulture but was sort of forced to use Venom and I think you can see how the Vulture would have worked in the final scenes of the third film.

Anne Hathaway is supposedly the top choice for Felicia Hardy, who’d been long-rumored as one of the new characters in this installment. (Other names bandied about for the role included Julia Stiles, Rachel McAdams, and Romola Garai.) However, unlike in the comic books, this Felicia Hardy doesn’t transform into the Black Cat. Instead, Raimi’s Felicia will become a brand-new superpowered figure called the Vulturess.

This is all still very much rumour and I’m just not getting the whole Felicia Hardy as Vulturess thing. Why take an established character from the Spidey-verse and then make them a different villain? Plus The Vulturess?!?! What kind of name is that?

What are your thoughts on the possible casting and what will this mean for Dylan Baker’s possible turn as The Lizard? Is the Vulture the right villain to use? Will we eventually see the Sinister Six?

7 Responses to “Spider-Man 4 – Is John Malkovich going to be The Vulture?”

  1. Malkovich would be perfect casting and – like Alfred Molina as Doc Ock and Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin – a proper actor too with real gravitas.

    However they must resist the ‘throw loads of villains in and see which one sticks’ approach of number three, which was a mess.

  2. shmobi said

    Malkovich would be perfect casting for this film.

  3. BillyBob said

    Please recast Spidey and MJ! PLEASE!!!

    • liveforfilms said

      Who would you like to see play Spider-Man and Mary Jane?

      • BillyBob said

        Jake Gyllenhaal
        Hayden Christensen
        Leonardo DiCaprio
        Benjamin Barnes
        Michael Cera
        Shia LaBeouf
        Jamie Bell
        Billy Zane

        ..anyone other than Tobey!

        Laura Prepon ahhh anyone really!

  4. […] by liveforfilms on January 6, 2010 There was mention a while back that John Malkovich could be down to play the Vulture in Sam Raimi’s next installment of your […]

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