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POLL: Avatar – What did you think?

Posted by LiveFor on December 30, 2009

James Cameron’s Avatar has been out for a few weeks now (check out my review).

What did you think of it? Either vote or leave a comment below.

4 Responses to “POLL: Avatar – What did you think?”

  1. Woody said

    I think this film was very good, and I would definately watch it again. I will buy it when it comes out on DVD, Blu-ray or whatever. James Cameron is a great writer/director/producer and this film shows that off. I was watching this film thinking about the movies that he got his inspiration from. My thoughts: this is Fern Gully meets The Matrix meets GI Joe. Unwilling Grunt is the Chosen One (Neo) linked into the Matrix of Pandora. Pandora and the Home Tree is the rain forest of Fern Gully that they are trying to save from the Strip Mining Money Mongers(Hexxus) and GI Joe is their Hired Gun. And were the mega suits the same that were in Alien? or maybe they were the same that were at Zion in The Matrix Reloaded?

  2. pat said

    i really enjoyed the amazing world that the avatar team created. it is so rich with details and just looks stunning. the story was ok. very typical hollywood but then again i thought it was at least well told.


    the 3d didnt work for me at all. maybe it was the cinema or my point of view ( i ve researched the 3d technique used quite a bit) but i wasnt “blown away” by the 3d gizmo. because thats (still) what it was for me. just playin around tryin to make it look better than it its. it didnt aid the story really. i wanna see it again in 2d.

  3. pjowens75 said

    FINALLY saw it last night in 3D, and was blown away. The story was only so0so, but what Cameron did technically more than made up for it. It wasn’t so much the 3D as itr was the absolutely seamless blending of CGI and real actors. After the first few minutes, I forgot the Na’Vi weren’t real. Cool stuff.

  4. riqz said

    People are falling victim to the hype!

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