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POLL: Who should play Captain America

Posted by LiveFor on January 7, 2010

Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth is Thor, and Samuel L Jackson is Nick Fury. The last major character still to be cast for Marvel Studio’s movie schedule is Captain America. Many names have been mentioned in the past, but there is still no official word on the subject. Therefore, I throw it open to you to decide.

Who would make the best Captain America?

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23 Responses to “POLL: Who should play Captain America”

  1. Monty said

    Alexander Skaarsgard – Watch Generation Kill. The man IS Cap. He’s perfect.

  2. Pat said

    generation kill is a great movie and skaarsgard delivers a solid performance but hes never cap. i mean ?? ur cap? all the votes for Eddie Cibrian must be jokers! its down to worthington or chris pine. maybe tatum, due to his looks+physique but he’s simply not a good actor. of course pitt would be a dream come true but he s never going to do it.

  3. pjowens75 said

    Gotta laugh at Danny DeVito.

  4. Pat said

    eckhart is way too old now…i m sure u wud have to get someone younger or young looking at least!

  5. Jens Altmann said

    I voted for Chris Pine, although it was a struggle. I’d also like Sam Worthington for the part. I went by nationalist bias: Captain America should be played by an American, and Worthington is Australian.

  6. Ed (Marvel Movies) said

    Aaron Eckhart is a great choice IMO. Leo could do it. It’s got to be an American though per Feige so anyone not American on that list can be crossed off. I think Will Smith would be done purely as a gimmick to stir up controversy and would be a horrible idea. Mark Valley would be good too.

  7. Jason said

    Eddie Cibrian would play a good Captain America, he was really good in Invasion and has all the necessary attributes.

  8. BOBO said

    Anyone that voted Will Smith should be punched in the throat. I like Will but let’s keep Steve Rogers as the one TRUE Captain America.

  9. Dan Dougald said

    I like Eckhart simply because Cap was supposed to be an older man to begin with. Wasnt he frozen in ice forever? Didn’t the serum make him youthful acting, but not looking? Eckhart. Maybe Will Smith. Joking about Smith.

  10. psycros said

    No, the serum makes Cap age very slowly..he looks like he might be thirty, tops. It also gives him the absolute maximum strength, speed, endurance and healing that you can have and still be genetically human. That was the beauty of the concept, because this Army reject actually becomes the ubermensch that Hitler was trying to create! One graphic novel I have suggests Rogers was in his early 20’s. I think he’d gotten an art degree and I don’t believe he was still living with his mother – pretty sure he’d been on his own for a little while. Of course the film can take some liberties here – this was WWII, when the service would take damn near any man who could pass a physical (which Steve couldn’t). As long as the actor looks no more than 30 or so I’m cool with it..just make sure he’s great for the role. What worries me most is that all his wartime adventures will be flashbacks ala Watchmen. I want an unapologeticly patriotic Star-Spangled Avenger. I want a PG-13 Inglorious Basterds with a shield. I want a period Captain Ameica movie, dammit! However, what would rock even *more* is if Cap shows up from nowhere during Avengers, having vanished after the war, and THEN we get flashbacks about him being frozen. Maybe they could actually tie the reason for him being preserved directly into the Avengers story. Would that be too much to ask?

  11. psycros said

    Let me clarify the age thing: even if Cap had not been frozen, he would still look younger than Nick Fury. In the Marvel continuity I remember Nick got a “beta version” dose of the super-soldier serum that was just as good at retarding aging, but provided only minor boosts to physical attributes. Since Fury got his injection not long before Rogers, they would have aged roughly at the same rate had Cap not been frozen. So, WWII-era cap kept on ice would appear the same as when he was suspended – late 20’s, 30 at most. WWII-era cap not on ice would look early 40’s, tops. The serum slows aging to about a third of normal. I remember there was an earlier version of the story where Fury actually had to keep taking the formula annually to keep the years from rapidly catching up him. I think that was all rewritten in later years to be the single exposure. If the movies were going with the old version I’d think Nick would still look fairly young, not much older than the Captain. That’s why I suspect their using the later revision since Jackson is the perfect age for it. I really don’t care either way, I just sooo want it to be good. And I really hope they drop “The First Avenger” prefix, its just stupid.

  12. pat said

    jason lewis is also an option. at least for the creator of this pic:

    i say worhtington is the way to go. pitt’s too old and dicaprio too…. i dont know…di carpio. tatum? lets not talk about it!

  13. Dave said

    Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy.

  14. Andy said

    Billy Zane?

  15. Si said

    Billy zane! Lol yeah! Zane master B fo shizzle!

  16. Si said

    Or the van wilder bloke!

  17. Aesqe said

    I think Matt Damon has the perfect chin to play Captain America πŸ™‚

  18. JohnnyBleys said

    Mark Valley is the best choice and he is not even listed in your poll???Mark Valley is a West Point graduate,former U.S. Army Officer and decorated Gulf War veteran.He looks EXACTLY like Captain America.Think about it.America’s hero would be portrayed by an American hero.The concept is mind-blowing.And it’s such a throwback to the days of World War 2,when actors like Clark Cable and James Stewart actually went to war and came home with honor.The time when a war hero like Audie Murphy could find himself embraced by Hollywood and achieve stardom.Let’s end the era of the soft,feminine,types that Hollywood tries to pawn off as legitimate action heros.Mark Valley was born to play this role,

    • liveforfilms said

      Just watched the very first episode of Fringe and I totally get where you are coming from. I will add him to the poll

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