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Ghostbusters 3 – Ivan Reitman is back to direct it

Posted by LiveFor on January 14, 2010

Ivan Reitman directed the first two Ghostbusters films. The first was genius, the second not quite as good. Now, speaking to MTV he confirmed the script was almost done and he would be back to direct.

“They have delivered a draft,”
Reitman said of the script’s progress. “We are working our way through another draft… good work is being done and all of us have our fingers crossed.”

“I hope to start shooting in this next year,” he said, which ties in with Harold Ramis saying it would be out in 2011.

Asked if he would be returning to direct “Ghostbusters III,” Reitman answered with a simple and unequivocal “Yes.”

Unfortunately Reitman seems to have been on a poor run when it comes to quality of his later films – Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Junior, Dave, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Evolution and Six Days Seven Nights – All are perfectly servicible and I have a soft spot for Dave and Evolution. However, none of them have matched the brilliance of Ghostbusters and I am just not sure he should be back to direct the third film.

I’m not saying he is a bad director, just that he is just not as dynamic as he should be.

Still it all depends what the script is like I suppose, but it would have been good to see some flesh blood direct the ‘busters next adventure. Maybe his son Jason Reitman (Up In The Air) would have been a better choice.

How do you feel about Ivan Reitman coming back for the third film? Is he the right choice? If not him then who would you have liked to see direct it?

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